Modele MCR R100 | MCR Evolution - SE Aviation Aircraft | The world reference in MCR
Glider version of the MCR ULC Evolution

MCR R100

MCR Evolution R100 is a light glider derived from the MCR ULC  Evolution. It can be equiped with Rotax engine 912 ULS3 or 914 UL2 or 3

It is possible to install a single cable or a reel system on the MCR R100 EVOLUTION.
Its excellent climbing performance makes the MCR R100 EVOLUTION an ideal tug for gliders up to 600kg.
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Wingspan 8.64 m

Length 5.53 m

Wing area 8.13 m²

Cabin width 1.12 m

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Economical and light tow plane

High climb rate

Simultaneous takeoff with the towed glider

Oil-pneumatic tricycle train

  • Three blades variable pitch (glider towing specific)
  • Three blades fixed pitch (glider towing specific)


  • Carbon fiber construction ensuring resistance, lightness and absence of corrosion
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Electric flaps control
  • Electric elevator trim and electric fin trim controlled from the stick
  • Oleo-pneumatic tricycle landing gear with wheel hull
  • Hydraulic brakes: controlled by hand or toe-brakesrain fixe tricycle oléopneumatique avec carène de roue
  • Glider towing possible
  • Cell parachute
  • Personalized avionics: GPS, radio, TCAS, autopilot … (AvMap, Dynon, Garmin)
  • Landing light, strobe light and navigation lights
  • Fuel tanks: 80L
  • Cowling flap*
  • Ground anchor loops

towing 300 kg


m/s towing
600 kg


towing /h




MCR R100

Rotax engine 912 ULS

  • Power 100 cv
  • Speed 246 km/h
  • MTOW 544 kg
  • Capacity 80 L

Rotax engine 914 UL

  • Power 115 hp
  • Speed 252 km/h
  • MTOW 544 kg
  • Capacity 80 L

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