Since 2012, SE-AVIATION provides study services to modify and repair your aircraft.

We can also provide a maintenance service for your MCR. We are aircraft mechanics with Part 66 licences (mechanic, engine, radio and avionics). We can also carry out ATC tests and radio tests to provide LSA licences.

In addition to these services, SE AVIATION offers flight training with an instructor to get you accustomed to/familiarised with your MCR.

SE-AVIATION provides mechanical (3D designs, FEM calculations, static and fatigue tests) and electrical services (wiring, radio installation, prototype development).

Moteur avion MCR Évolution

We listen to the needs of our customers and have developed several improvements to meet your expectations and we will continue to do so :

  • New flap control system
  • New canopy handle
  • New canopy aerators
  • New generation fuel tank wings
  • Frontside parachute
  • New carburettor pressure tap
  • New interior space
  • New external designs
  • New elevator

We offer complete studies to equip aerial vectors with a camera system and next-generation means of communication (aerial and maritime surveillance, forest fire detection, …). Airbus Defence And Space trust us for this kind of missions.

In our workshop at Pontarlier airport we can complete your aircraft’s annual service, general maintenance and 5 years inspections.

We keep in stock all MCR spare parts or we produce them, we have also current parts for Rotax engines (915, 912S, 914 and 915iS).

This allows a great responsiveness in case of unscheduled works.

Thanks to our e-shop, you can find the available spare parts you need.

On our website, you will find the latest maintenance manual and operating documents.

Visite et maintenance atelier MCR Évolution

Spare parts are sold online, IPC and mounting instructions are also available via our e-shop.

Spare parts are made in our workshop or supplied by French manufacturers or by a company in Portugal (composite spare parts)

SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT sells aircraft kits and promotes the MCR EVOLUTION.

It is in charge of the navigability of all MCR :

  •     Service bulletins,
  •     Identification documents
  •     Modifications and improvements,
  •     Trials

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