2 August 2023

Our customers, their aircraft…

Fred Akary and his MCR Sportage

Frédéric Akary Frédéric Akary is one of our customers! He is an Air France airline pilot and also well known in the airshow world, as he flies the F-86 Sabre of the Mistral Warbirds association. He is the owner of the MCR Sportage F-PVGC, the last-born of SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT. He flies his plane for travelling as well as for the simple pleasure of piloting it.

Fred talks about his plane…

“My Sportage has an absolutely incredible performance, short take-off and landing with a cruising speed of 145 kts! SE Aviation has brilliantly taken over the production, airworthiness and after sales service of the MCRs. I am a happy customer, of course!”


Full retrofit for the MCR-4S of Rossi-Levallois aeroclub!

The MCR-4S F-PDOE: “set out again for a ride” !

Sold as a kit in 2003 by the former manufacturer Dyn’aéro, the MCR-4S registered F-PDOE of Rossi-Levallois aeroclub (Salon-de-Provence, France) flew over 1,600 flight hours. Obviously, he needed a major overhaul and serious retrofit! Entrusted to the SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT team (which now produces the entire MCR range), the aircraft was given a real rejunevation.
In addition to a new paint scheme, a fresh coat of paint in the cockpit and brand new upholstery, giving it a much more premium look, everything has been brought up to date. The avionics have been retrofitted: goodbye old flight instruments and welcome touch-screen glass cockpit and autopilot. A resolutely modern cockpit, which is topped by the latest evolution of the canopy with aerators.
The MCR-4S now also got the new flap system developed by SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT engineers, making the machine safer than ever. Thus equipped, the F-PDOE left our site with a potential of several hundreds of additional flight hours, for the greatest pleasure of the pilots and students of Rossi-Levallois aeroclub.



Good flights to them!

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