10 August 2023

Our customers, their aircraft…
Gilles and… The Little Prince


Gilles Maguet is one of our customers! Private pilot since the age of 20, this 62 years old engineer has logged 1,200 flight hours. Owner of the MCR-4S n°113 (registered F-PGMC) bought in kit in 2007, he made his first flight on July 21, 2008 after having built it himself. The machine, which has 750 hours of flight time on the clock, is well equipped: airframe parachute and modern avionics in particular, and a two-blade variable-pitch propeller with a turbocharged Rotax 914.

Draw me an MCR-4S!

What makes this plane special is that it is decorated with stickers bearing the effigy of The Little Prince of St-Exupéry. Indeed, for Gilles, this literary reference represents freedom, dream, independence, the desire to go ever higher among the stars. And he tried to go high, very high with his MCR-4S, since he often flew up to flat 175, in particular to fly over the Mont-Blanc..


He flew far, too: several times he crossed France and traveled from Belgium to Venice, Italy, where he landed on the famous Lido. Lover of “aviation for all”, with his Little Prince, he has often introduced flying to underprivileged children from charity associations.

A Little Jewel… for sale

Unfortunately, all good stories come to an end, and these last months Gilles Maguet has realised that he no longer has the time to fly as much as he used to with The Little Prince.

And today, with a heavy heart, he has decided to put it up for sale. But beware: he wants the next owner of The Little Prince to be “someone who deserves it and who will take care of it” as he has done for years. He wants to sell it to “someone who shares the same philosophy” as he does.

That’s why he entrusted the sale to SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT. He knows that we will find THE right person for his little jewel. You can count on us, Gilles. We will find the right person!


When Gilles talks about his MCR-4S…

It is an extraordinary plane to fly, very stable and reliable. It is very precise in flight and can be flown like a small airliner: with instruments. The people at SE Aviation are incredibly welcoming, available and competent. I have always had great confidence in them. The proof: I entrusted them the sale of my Little Prince. That means a lot!



2022 in figures : a record year for us!


For SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT, 2022 has never been a better year!
Here are some figures:

   4 MCR 4S Evolution sold in kit
   2  MCR Pick-Up Evolution delivered
   1 MCR M Evolution (mountain) sold in kit
   4 Rotax 915iS engines installed

It should, in addition, be specified that we have done several dozens of flap control system retrofits (our best-seller in terms of modifications) and a huge number of aircraft maintenances (from the small to the complete overhaul) this year.
Definitely, 2022 was our best year ever. Looking forward to 2023!


Yes, 2022 was a very good year for SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT. Our turnover was clearly up, thanks to a growth of more than 15%! But 2023 is already looking better! Indeed, we already have three MCR Pick-Up and one MCR-4S Evolution kit to deliver. Also, the list of maintenance/retrofit is already very long. And, above all, our major project is surely progressing: the electric motorization which will soon be a reality!

I will conclude by saying that the success of this great and beautiful adventure that is SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT is thanks to its employees, all passionate and professional… as well as to you, dear customers! Thank you all, and let’s fly together to 2023!

On behalf of the entire SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT team, I wish you a restful holiday season.

Éric Fumey


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