23 April 2024

Our Customers, their aircraft…
He builds an MCR-4S with his son!

Mihai Silvestru is one of our customers. An aviation enthusiast, he devoted his life for a long time to his career as an architect and to his family before passing his private pilot’s licence. Today, he has a total of 500 flight hours on aircraft, microlights and gliders. He has flown many different machines, including WT9 Dynamic, Cessna and Zlin. Based at Deva aerodrome in Romania, he currently flies an MD3 Rider, an aircraft he likes but which, in his opinion, has a “major flaw”: it’s only a two-seater, and Mihai dreams of travelling as a family, with his wife and son.

A project shared by father and son
A few years earlier, in Italy, Mihai Silvestru had the opportunity to fly the MCR-4S. He fell in love with it and swore that one day he would buy one. In 2022, he took the plunge and ordered a kit, which would be delivered within the year. Construction began at the end of 2022, and he decided to build it himself, without any help from anyone. Well, almost… because, in fact, one person helped him from the start: his 8-year-old son, Iancu.

“It started as an aviation project, but it soon became also an educationnal project. Both for me and for my son. I’m not sure if he is helping me to build, or I am helping him to grow.”

So, for almost two years, the young boy has been assisting his father at all times, always ready to carry out a task, painting something here, gluing or screwing something there. It’s a great lesson in education, because involving a child so young in this kind of project teaches him a sense of commitment, responsibility and decision-making. These are noble values, and they go hand in hand with a passion for aviation.

Building an MCR-4S… in the middle of nowhere!
Mihai and young Iancu are building their MCR-4S in the middle of nature. Literally. More specifically, next to the family’s second home, located on the edge of a forest, not far from a small isolated village called Lelese.

It is at this location that a 30-feet container was installed to store and assemble the MCR kit. But building an aircraft in such a small space is no easy task. According to Mihai, it’s a like flying: you have to anticipate and ‘be ahead’.

“A 30-feet container is a tight space. If you want to build, you need to be well organized. You need to anticipate. It’s a good lesson for a pilot. Know your next moves before they happen. If you don’t anticipate next moves / tools / operations, you get a time penalty.”

As well as the lack of space, building an MCR-4S in such a remote place in Romania presents another problem: the nearest DIY shop is 3 hours drive from here! As a result, as soon as a tool, a drill bit or even a simple screw goes missing, things get complicated and time-consuming. As for the FedEx or TNT delivery men, finding the ‘address’ of Mihai’s container is a challenge for them, and some orders take eternity to arrive…

The aircraft Mihai and his son are building is a true MCR-4S ‘Evolution‘. Registered F-PLLS (in reference to the village of Lelese), it will be powered by a 141hp turbocharged Rotax 915iS. Mihai has also chosen to add the 200-liters long-range fuel tanks and our new carbon seats, with slightly modified padding at the back contact points.

Since he plans to travel a lot with his family (he talks about ‘flying around the world’), safety will be optimum, with an airframe parachute and flap system designed by SE Aviation Aircraft. Nor have the F-PLLS’s avionics been neglected: its owner has chosen the very best from the Garmin range, with G3X Touch, 2-axis autopilot, etc.

Flying soon…
Less than 2 years after receipt of the kit, the construction of that MCR-4S is coming to an end. For Mihai, it was important to set himself a deadline because, used to always having to meet deadlines in his job as an architect, he has imposed the same rigour on himself in the construction of his aircraft. He has therefore announced that the F-PLLS will emerge from the forest to make its maiden flight this year, in early summer.

After a few test flights and around fifty hours flying solo, I’ll be taking my family on board to begin our ‘journey around the world’,” he concludes.
There’s one final thing to note: while the aircraft’s paintwork will remain immaculate white, a small detail will appear on its fuselage. A little four-leaf clover to bring good luck to the family during their long flights…

What a wonderful tale Mihai and little Iancu tell! A story of education and complicity between a father and son, seen through the prism of a passion for aviation. Isn’t that how vocations are born?
In any case, at SE Aviation Aircraft, we can’t wait to see the MCR-4S these two are finishing to build in the sky… and to see the photos of their journey ‘around the world’.
Bon voyage, Mr Silvestru, to you and your family. And congratulations again to young Iancu for all his excellent work!



Mihai talks about its (future) MCR-4S

Studying the market, I have founded 4S as the best solution to what we need – long range, speed, safety, family suitable, performance.
Rotax with Mogas or Avgas (the fuel is becoming more and more an issue in aviation). Fair price (not cheap, especially for my budget, but fair to what it can offer).
SE Aviation, I don’t see you as a Company. I see you as friends!





Getting ready for AERO 2024 & delivery of the MCR-4S n°182

It’s been a busy few weeks at SE Aviation Aircraft. In addition to our usual activities, we’ve been working hard on preparations for AERO 2024 in Friedrichshafen. Remember that the show opens its doors this week, and you’ll be able to find our stand at stand B3-406.


Moreover, we had the pleasure to deliver the MCR-4S n°182 to its owner. This MCR-4S Evolution is one of the most advanced in the range. In addition to latest-generation avionics, new panel, on-board USB ports, new carbon seats, a new flap system, and so on, the airframe parachute straps are hidden in its fuselage.

It may not look like much, but this new development has given the aircraft a smoother and more aerodynamic shape. We should point out that this modification is now standard on all MCR-4S Evolution kits.

We’re in the news!

In an article published on 9 April, the French aeronautical news website revealed the latest flight tests we carried out as part of our DRIADE programme, our future reconnaissance and intervention drone for defence and environment.

Indeed, a further step was taken with an MCR-4S and an MCR ULC, which were both piloted to begin – the ULC being equipped with air-droppable fire extinguishers and the MCR-4S with a thermal camera. Together, they were able to detect and extinguish a fire roughly the size of a small barbecue. A major step forward in the DRIADE programme, and a very encouraging success for our team. To be continued…

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