20 December 2023

Our Customers, their aircraft…
The Haute-Marne Aero Club and the MCR Club

The Haute-Marne Aero Club is one of our customers. Located on the Villiers-le-Sec aerodrome, their good humour and passion can be felt right down to their motto: “Envolez-vous !” (meaning “Take to the skies!”). On the occasion of our newsletter, it is represented by Damien Wilhelem, private pilot since 1997, 2.000 flight hours on DR-400, Rallye, MCR and many others. He is also a mountain pilot on the Mousquetaire and an aerobatic pilot on the Extra 330. He remembers when the Aero Club acquired the MCR Club registered F-PCLB. That was in 2000: “Initially, we wanted to buy an MCR-4S to replace our old Rallye. But since we also had a DR-400, we finally preferred to buy an MCR Club because of its fuel-efficient and sporting aspects.
“At the Aero Club, we quickly realised that buying an MCR Club had been the right choice!”

At the time, the F-PCLB had only 300 flying hours and was powered by a JPX engine, which was soon replaced by an 80hp Rotax 912UL. Equipment-wise, it was very basic: simple panel without EFIS, radio, transponder and that’s all. In 2017, the radio and transponder will be replaced by newer models and the propeller will be replaced by a carbon E-Props three-blade. The reason for this somewhat minimalist appearance is simple: this MCR was only acquired to carry out local flying and instruction.

And when it comes to training, this machine excels, especially when it comes to perfecting your flying skills! Because, unlike a DR-400, which is great for beginners, the MCR Club is more demanding: it is finer to fly and, consequently, more demonstrative when a small mistake is made. In short, it’s a very instructive aircraft, whose parameters must be respected – without being dangerous, of course!

As far as local flying is concerned, Damien Wilhelem is full of praise for the F-PCLB. He finds it very pleasant to fly, smooth and sporty – in short, very fun. What’s more, at a time when the price of hydrocarbons is soaring, the MCR Club’s very fuel-efficient (barely 10 litres/hour) is a real asset!

What about maintenance? Simple: the mechanic at the Aéroclub de la Haute-Marne knows how to do it all! Literally. As a result, in 23 years and 3,000 flying hours on the clock (!!!), the aircraft has never left its base. The only thing we at SE Aviation Aircraft do is to supply parts. Because, yes, that’s also what our aircraft are: machines that you can assemble yourself and, if you have the time and the skills, maintain yourself. Once again, when it comes to saving money and making flying more enjoyable, there’s nothing better than our MCRs…


Happy flying to all the members of the Haute-Marne Aero Club, and long-lasting this valiant little MCR Club!


When Damien talks about the MCR Club…

When the MCR first arrived at the Aero Club, it didn’t look like much and we thought it was going to be fragile. But in 23 years, we’ve never had a problem with it! What’s more, it’s an aircraft I love to fly: agile and powerful, with very smooth flight controls. Everything I love! Admittedly, it’s not an aerobatic aircraft, but it’s still a sporty machine and, above all, very economical, as we only hire it for €100/hour, including fuel and maintenance. Who can say that!




The DRIADE project awarded!



On Thursday 7 December 2023, L’Est Républicain (famous French newspaper) organised the 4th “Les Ailes de Cristal” ceremony at the Micropolis hall in Besançon, an event designed to showcase Franche-Comté companies and reward some of them for their projects, values, know-how and priorities.


As well as being one of the 500 guests invited by L’Est Républicain, we are proud to announce that SE Aviation Aircraft, represented by Éric Fumey, has been awarded a prize for its DRIADE surveillance and intervention drone.

Further proof that, in the fight against forest fires, our project is a beacon of hope. And all the more reason to continue developing it!


After a convivial evening where we were able to talk a lot about DRIADE, the trophy was brought back to our offices to be presented to the whole team… because the credit goes to each and every one of us.







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