2 November 2023
Our Customers, their aircraft…
Jonathan, his family & the Caribbean MCR-4S


Jonathan Hayot is one of our customers. A 36-year-old resident of Martinique, he holds a PPL and has just passed an ATPL. He has accumulated 500 flying hours on PA-28, Robin HR-200, Cessna 172 and MCR-4S. Three years ago, while looking for an aircraft to travel with, he discovered the MCR via an advert for used aircraft on the Internet. When he came across the MCR-4S F-PAEL specification sheet, he initially thought it was a scam. How could an airplane perform so well with such a small engine? So he turns to some mechanic friends for advice…
“The mechanics confirmed that it was impossible: there’s no such things as a 100hp four-seater with such performance!”
Really? MCR were obviously not well known in Martinique. But Jonathan is a curious person, which is why he contacted the seller anyway, i.e. us, SE Aviation Aircraft. Convinced by Éric Fumey of the authenticity of the MCR-4S’s performance, he will be seduced and buy the F-PAEL…


Built in 2003, this aircraft is MCR-4S n°6. Up to now, it hadn’t flown much, having clocked up just 353 flight hours, and hadn’t been in the air for 3 years. After an extensive inspection carried out by us, at Jonathan Hayot’s request, the new flap control system was installed. The aircraft was then partially dismantled and placed in a container for shipment to Martinique. Finally, one of our technicians will be sent to Fort-de-France for the reassembly and check flight.

Today, F-PAEL has logged 660 flying hours. In terms of avionics, in addition to an EFIS AvMap, its owner has had an EMS and a TT22 transponder installed, enabling it to be visible on the FlightRadar application, which is compulsory in the USA and its islands. Because Jonathan didn’t buy an MCR-4S to fly locally, but to travel all over the Caribbean… with his wife and children! And with young children, aged 3 and 1 1/2, the logistics are considerable. Yet everything fits into the MCR-4S, even the youngest’s travel cot!


Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, the Saintes archipelago, etc., the family regularly criss-crosses the Caribbean. They even make frequent visits to Saint-Barthélemy, with its famous runway whose approach is so complex that it requires a qualification which, to be extended, requires them to land at least once every six months!

In short, one trip follows another and the flights are each more beautiful than the last, as on this occasion on the way back from Union Island in the Grenadines, where part of the flight was made on top after climbing through a gap.


According to Jonathan Hayot, navigation that day took on a special dimension, giving the passengers of the MCR-4S the sensation of being aboard a small airliner. In short: a magical flight!
Bon voyage, Mr Hayot, to you and your family!



When Jonathan speaks about… SE Aviation Aircraft!

For once, it’s not his plane that Jonathan Hayot is talking about, but our company… and his next plane!

When I think of SE Aviation Aircraft, the first thing that comes to mind is “Thank you Lydie!” Because, in addition to being really nice, every time I’ve had a little problem with the F-PAEL, she’s been very available and responsive. On one occasion, I even received parts only 3 days after having spoken to her on the phone! And when I see that some friends (who own competing machines) sometimes wait long weeks before receiving their parcels, I tell myself that I’m incredibly lucky to be a customer of SE Aviation Aircraft!

The only ‘problem’ I have is that my MCR-4S is a bit old. So I’m putting it up for sale… to buy another one: an MCR-4S Evolution. It will be much better equipped: 100% carbon wings, airframe parachute, latest-generation avionics with G3X, new center console, USB ports, three-axis autopilot, new fuel tanks, 141 hp Rotax 915iS and, of course, carbon seats with stitched leather. I’m really looking forward to receiving it… and so are my wife and kids!


Our winter recommendations



Winter is coming, and not much enjoy traveling in icy, rainy, windy or snowy conditions. That’s why this is the ideal time to maintain your Fox Papa-registered MCR. So, we encourage you to think about:
• Your AC159-a maintenance declaration, which must be stamped by OSAC,
• The latest version of your maintenance manual, which you can download for free from our website (like all operating documents),
• Consult our service bulletins, and those of our suppliers (Rotax, MT Propeller, etc.),
• Consider repacking your airframe parachute, and replacing its pyrotechnic system.


Remember, what’s done is done…
And see you soon at SE Aviation Aircraft!






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