2 August 2023

Our customers, their aircraft…

“Jay” and his MCR Sportster


“Jay” is one of our customers! He has 8,500 flight hours, mostly on F/A-18 and F-5 Tiger. As you can guess, Jay is a fighter pilot of the Swiss Air Force, the Schweizer Luftwaffe, that’s why we only give his callsign! And it’s not because Jay flies powerful jets like the Hornet that he doesn’t enjoy flying MCRs. His is a Sportster registered HB-YJG nicknamed Fritz. He uses it for fun and especially to fly from one base to another. His plane is currently in the hands of SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT for a complete retrofit… and he misses it! Just a little more patience, Jay! Fritz will be back soon, more efficient and safer with our new flap control system.





“Jay” talks about his Sportster…

It is fast and fuel consumption efficient. With its small size, it’s very easy to taxi and doesn’t take much space in the hangar. Its performance at high altitude is excellent (174kt at FL95!), especially to cross the mountains when the weather is not good. In short, for me, it’s the perfect machine to “go to work”!”






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