2 August 2023

Our customers, their aircraft…
Romain Coatleven and his MCR ULC

Romain Coatleven is one of our customers! Real aviation lover since childhood, he started with model aircraft at the age of 10. After graduating “aeronautical and space maintenance” in 2006 from the University of Bordeaux, he became a structural engineer for VIP aircraft cabin design. At the same time, he passed the ULM pilot licence and bought an MCR01 (ULC) which he entirely renovated. He likes to fly his aircraft with which he can take on small challenges, such as flying over the Mont-Blanc (see picture above).

Quand Romain parle de son avion…

“Une machine simple, maniable, joueuse, avec des performances qui atomisent les standards… Le MCR01 est à l’ULM ce que la Porsche 911SC est à l’automobile : pas uniquement un mythe ; une réalité.”

Fresh paint, new engine

-Caution, wet paint!

After a small accident, and after being repaired, the MCR ULC F-JAZH was entrusted to the best painters of SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT to restore its beauty. In fact, F-JAZH has now a better aesthetic since its former “classic white” turned to a superb design paint scheme, with two shades of blue, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes.

Sportster needed another engine


With its 100 HP Rotax, the MCR Sportster F-PVMR performed well, but it was missing a little something to be more exciting. At the owner’s request, SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT’s mechanics installed a more powerful Rotax 914 of 115 HP. A little extra power that makes all the difference!

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