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5 July 2023

Forget everything you knew about MCRs !


Efficients aircraft

With new engines offering an excellent power/fuel consumption ratio, combined with next-generation aerodynamics, the performances of the MCRs EVOLUTION are unmatched.

Safety first !

In addition to being equipped as standard with airframe parachutes, the new flap mechanic system (retrofitable on the entire MCR range) developed by SE AVIATION AIRCRAFT make our machines safer than ever.


Whether you choose to purchase an MCR EVOLUTION as a kit, or whether you choose a factory assembly, our aircraft or ultra-light are among the most affordables on the market.


Equipped with latest generation glass cockpits, our aircraft are built of composite materials with, in particular, carbon monocoque fuselages guaranteeing resistance, lightness and corrosion free.

Flexible configuration

You want your MCR EVOLUTION to be unique? No problem. From the paint scheme to the cabin configuration or seats color, many options are available to create an aircraft that suits you…


MCRs Evolution… some figures

  • 25 major improvements approved by french authorities.
  • 10 years of experience.
  • 600 MCRs built.
  • 19 countries on every continents.




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